About Us

We Engineer M2M Solutions. It's What We Do.

M2M-ACCESS is all about providing your enterprise with the ability to connect to your equipment or machines, regardless of the whether they are stationary or mobile, remote or accessible, or the machine type or the industry you are in! As long as the machine is important to you, we will enable it to speak directly to you - Anywhere, Anytime - 24/7!

Our Company is a division of ONYX Engineering Ltd. Established in 1991, ONYX specializes in control systems and industrial automation. Through the years the company deployed numerous "wired" M2M solution across several industries. Increasingly, ONYX was exposed to "wireless" M2M opportunities and, as a result, the company established this new division to focus exclusively in the M2M area.

A Division of ONYX Engineering Ltd.

At M2M-ACCESS we deploy a "7 Step" approach to every project we undertake:

  1. Uncover:
    • Build understanding of customers’ business, opportunities, pain points, and priorities
    • Review technical and financial objectives, decision criteria, processes, and other requirements
  2. Define:
    • Articulate potential solution
    • Conduct feasibility study to ensure concept will work and deliver profitable results 
  3. Determine:
    • Will a packaged solution satisfy the need
    • Will engineering services be required to customize packaged solution
    • Is a build from start to end scenario required
  4. Design:
    • Transform concept into marketable prototype
    • Design quality control and test plans
  5. Build:
    • Lab bench testing
    • Alpha field testing
    • Pre-production beta testing 
  6. Install:
    • Pilot launch
    • Market roll-out
    • Certification, compliance, provisioning, billing and other launch components
  7. Support
    • Customer service
    • Technical support
    • Warranty management
    • RMA services
    • Marketing support